N.J. lawmaker: It's time to prepare for legalized marijuana | Opinion

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently ordered a review of marijuana enforcement policies at the federal level.

It's too early to know if he will reverse the Obama administration's hands-off approach to marijuana in the states - an approach supported by 71 percent of the public. But one thing is clear: Legalization is working in states that have approved it, and we can't afford to roll back progress with a renewed focus on the failed "War on Marijuana" that has ruined countless American lives.

Eight states have legalized recreational marijuana by referendum and, this week, Vermont's state Legislature became the first to approve a legalization bill and send it to the governor. New Jersey should do the same, and we should do it while we're at the forefront of legalization in the region.

Representatives in states across the country are seriously considering recreational marijuana after its widespread success, and Philadelphia's mayor recently voiced his support for legalization in Pennsylvania.

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