Hello, and welcome.  People have been complaining about the legal status of marijuana for a long time now, so we are thankful you’re giving us a shot at addressing the subject with you further.  It is our hope that with the information and sources provided, you will be able to leave here feeling that we are good people who have been honest with you.

The way we see it, there are three fronts in need of greater discussion regarding marijuana here in America:

Medical Marijuana

THERE ARE MANY SICK PEOPLE IN AMERICA.  Many more will become sick – it’s inevitable.  We believe that if marijuana helps or could help our loved ones, neighbors, and countrymen, then they should have fair and easy access to a consistent quality and safe form of it.  We feel sick people should be helped, not hindered by society and our government.  We believe those within the medical community know how to care for and treat their patients, and that law enforcement, as directed by politicians and bureaucrats, is not needed in determining an appropriate course of treatment.  We believe such decisions are private, and are a doctor, patient, family matter. Here is a list of conditions marijuana is currently prescribed to treat: (Click here to learn more about Medical Marijuana)


GOVERNMENT IS STANDING IN THE WAY.  Sure, the DEA-mandated NIDA monopoly on the production of marijuana for scientific research has finally come to an end, but the main barrier for study has always been, and continues to be the incredible amount of bureaucratic red tape surrounding marijuana (as discussed here), given its Schedule I status (deeming it just as harmful and medically valueless as heroin DEA Schedule List).  It shouldn’t take years for someone to even so much as get a response on their application for a permit to research marijuana before their study is put through its own evaluation process, and who knows how long that will take?  We need a more ethical solution in place.   



KEEPING MARIJUANA ILLEGAL MAKES NO SENSE.  Most of us don’t care what someone does behind closed doors, so long as they aren’t hurting themselves, or others.  Many believe that marijuana is a drug that in fact causes injury, has a high propensity towards addiction, and leads down the dark path of harder drug abuse/addiction due to the “gateway effect”, which causes a larger societal harm.  Many also believe that by making marijuana legal, we are increasing the risk of our children having further access to a dangerous drug, and are even nodding our heads in approval of making the decision to use marijuana by changing its legal status.  Many good people believe this, and if we didn’t have access to the following information: MYTHS! vs facts, we would feel the exact same way, and in fact, most of us did because that’s what we were taught, that’s what our parents were taught, and their parents as well.  Fortunately, now we know better.


Thank You

We would like to thank you again for coming to our website, and reading about who we are, and how you can help.  We are especially thankful to those who came here holding an opposing viewpoint.

This information is important, and your opinion matters.  There is a great deal that is misunderstood on this particular subject, which prevents, as we see it, honest debate, and proper legislation from being enacted.  Hopefully, by in the very least getting people to start thinking and talking about this subject, we will get to the right place faster.


We have a big fight on our hands, but with your help, we can continue battling to change marijuana laws through lobbying at the State and Federal level, pressing with ballot initiatives, and continuing to engage, educate, and inspire the public to join us as we expose the lack of argument of those in favor of continuing prohibition.  

Your donation will show that together, we are an organized force to be reckoned with, and that we’re serious when we call for action.


Get Involved

We need your help.  We can’t do this alone.  We need people to help with phone banking, voter registration, canvassing, signature collection efforts for ballot initiatives and petitions, as well as a support team to assist with medical marijuana applications and appeals, and so much more.

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