My name is Brian Haydon, and I am the founder of 3fronts.  Thank you very much for coming to learn more about us.

3fronts is a 501(c)(4) New Jersey based non-profit that seeks to change archaic and immoral marijuana laws at both the State and Federal level.  We also seek to alter the schedule status at the DEA, which makes marijuana very difficult to further research, which we must promote, so that we may continue to look into its medicinal benefit for those in need of greater relief.

Most of us have worked in politics or the non-profit space for many years, and like many of you, most of us have also been touched by severe illness in some way, and have felt the powerlessness or hopelessness that often compliments such misfortune.  Our primary concern is with the knowledge that government, at both political and bureaucratic levels, are working in conjunction with one another against sick people and their families.  We are taking our collective operational experience and standing up to those in the way of relief, research, and personal freedom.    

We know what makes a politician respond and a bureaucrat act.  We know that when a Congressman walks into his office first thing in the morning and his Chief of Staff tells him that there are 200 messages from his constituents, all calling for him to explain his position on one thing - that thing gets addressed, especially if he knows that there are going to be 400 calls the next day.  We know exactly how to apply pressure, but more importantly, we know how to get a positive outcome.

We think this is an important issue.  It matters how we treat people, and we’re tired of reading about how sick people can’t get access to medication that helps them, how scientists are being treated like they’re unqualified buffoons who are asking the Federal government to study Anthrax and State Secrets, and how good people are being treated like criminals, getting caught with something that’s far less harmful than a Budweiser, so that they can be forced to cough up money to pay for this cycle of abuse.

Our position is simple:  Those in power need to make a successful, honest argument that proves marijuana should remain illegal, or change the existing draconian laws and bureaucratic policies.  If they lose the argument, or if they refuse to make their case to the American people, we will see to it that they lose their jobs as our elected representatives, and we will elect new representatives who will fire those bureaucrats who continue to be problematic.